Out-Patient Service
"Outpatient" means that the procedure does not require hospital admission and may also be performed outside the premises of a hospital.
In-Patient Services
"Inpatient" means that the procedure requires the patient to be admitted to the hospital, primarily so that he or she can be closely monitored during the procedure and afterwards, during recovery.
Case Of The Week
This section contains newer interesting, complex case which is the part of day to day clinic

About Children's Orthopedic Clinic

Dr. Rajiv Negandhi
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
M.B., M.S.(ortho), D(Ortho),
Fellow Pediatric Orthopedics
(UK, USA, Hongkong, Singapure)

  • The Hospital renders highly specialized services in all areas of Pediatric Orthopedics which include Pediatric Trauma, Pediatric Hip Disorders, Scoliosis Clinic, Clubfoot Clinic, Neuromuscular Clinic, Botulinum Toxin Injection, Ilizarov Deformity Correction, Congenital & Acquired Deformities, Cerebral Palsy Correction, Gait Analysis,Gait Clinic
  • The ceaseless medical service is augmented by continuous implementation of the latest technologies and medical processes from across the world.
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Pediatric Trauma

Refers to a traumatic injury that happens to an infant, child or adolescent. Because of anatomical and physiological...

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Clubfoot Clinic

Clubfoot describes a range of foot abnormalities usually present at birth (congenital) in which your baby's foot...

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Pediatric Hip Disorders

Hip pathology may cause groin pain, referred thigh or knee pain, refusal to bear weight or altered gait...

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Neuromuscular Clinic

Our Neuromuscular Center at Children’s Orthopaedic Clinic brings together a team of specialists from Neurology, Orthopedic Surgery,...

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Scoliosis Clinic

If you look at someone’s back, you’ll see that the spine runs straight down the middle. When a person...

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Botulinum Toxin Injection

One of the most common symptoms of cerebral palsy is muscle stiffness and resulting spastic movements. Children...

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