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About Childrens Orthopedic Clinic

our_team_2 Dr. Rajiv Negandhi
Orthopedic Surgeon
M.B., M.S.(ortho), D(Ortho),
Fellow Pediatric Orthopedics
(UK, USA, Hongkong, Singapure).

It is believed that children are gift of God. Nature has spent lot of time, and has taken lot of efforts to create such a wonderful thing called “CHILD”. Children are born with orthopaedic Problems (Congenital Deformity) or they get some problems as they grow old(Acquired Deformity). Children’s Orthopedic Clinic is one of the first Superspeciality Orthopedic Clinic dedicated to Orthopeic problems of children such as clubfoot.



To treat all the pediatric orthopedic patient from new born to under one roofwith excellent service for needy and poor.


  • Continuous improvement in the treatment modalities acquiring new method of international standards .
  • Expand the services to open areas of the South Maharashtra, North Karnataka, Kokan, Goa.
  • To get more government health insurance schemes, under which different economical state of childrens can be treated .
  • To involve charitable trusts in treatments and rehabitation poor & disabled children Research and establishing Cerebral palsy, ClubfootClinics Parent education participation in treatment and rehabitation part.
  • Involve and expand with Pediatric surgery, Neuro Physician and pediatric neurosurgeon .
  • Education through poster examination camps

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About Aadhar Clinic

our_team_2Dr. Suresh Negandhi
Senior Orthopedic Surgeon
M.B.B.S, M.S.(ortho), D(Ortho),
F. C. P. S.

We have a legacy of 45 years of dedicated Orthopaedic Services which include Adult Trauma, Spine, Arthroscopy and Joint replacement which is managed by Dr Suresh Negandhi . Orthopedic services are expanded to children from last five years were dedicated Pediatric work is managed by Dr Rajiv Negandhi who is a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon. Our hospital is well equipped center with availability of PediatricAnasthetist Apart from our pediatric orthopaedic cervices we do have visiting surgeons who perform pediatric surgery, Neurosurgery and Pediatric spine surgery We have dedicated outreach clinics in western Maharashtra , North Karnataka and Goa.This clinic aims to treat various complex orthopaedic problems .is a dedicated clinic for children with orthopaedic problems let them be congenital or acquired.